180° POWERED ROLLER TRANSFER AUTOMATION-468x700Material Handling and Transfer Systems are the critical link between your various industrial/manufacturing processes.

Our design team will work closely with you to understand the process in which the equipment will be used depending on your requirements and job needs. We can design your high quality, innovative Material Handling and Transfer System to satisfy your complete range of your material handling requirements.

When it comes to custom Material Handling and Transfer Systems, the total experience of Link Mechanical Solutions goes to work for you to ensure the right end product arrives on time, every time.

Our core competencies include

  • Belt (Wire Mesh/Solid Mat Top)AUTO-BACKUP STA & PALLETIZED TRANSFER-522x700
  • Mat Top Chain
  • Dual Strand Chain
  • Accumulating Roller Chain
  • Fixtured Chain / Palletized Chain (Constant Speed or Indexing)
  • Roller Conveyor (Friction Roll / Zone Control / Gravity Roll)
  • Over and Under Type Palletized
  • Lift and Carry Walking Beam
  • Shuttle
  • Roll Bar Type Shuttle
  • Lift and Roll
  • Pick and Place Gantry Systems
  • Robot Ends Of Arm Tooling and Integration